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Boiler Professionals, Inc. has been providing insightful and creative solutions to their clients’ energy usage concerns for nearly 2 decades.  While newcomers throw around terms like carbon footprint and energy efficiency certifications, Boiler Professionals continues to examine clients needs and systems at a fundamental operating level providing a deep understanding of heat transfer from boilers to piping systems, to heating units (radiators, steam coils, etc.), to spaces, and ultimately to people.  
This fundamental understanding, which was nurtured in architecture and engineering schools, comes to full fruitation in real life applications where new concepts are employed to achieve high efficiency systems, not just collections of parts that are labeled high efficiency, with results much greater than typical solutions.   And, for those suspicious of the “latest and greatest”, solutions can be implemented with equipment that has proven reliability over many decades.

In recent years, Boiler Professionals has become an industry leader in high efficiency steam heating, publishing new concepts and techniques for steam heating that are fundamentally changing how steam heating professionals approach even some of the simplest maintenance and improvements to steam heating systems.

Our Energy Consulting Services include:

  • Overall system reviews for general condition and potential for improvements.
  • Detailed piping system reviews to address issues such as gross heating imbalances, noise (banging and sloshing), and overheating of basements.
  • High efficiency steam heating plant design (such as modulating input steam boilers and multiple stage fired boiler heating plants)
  • Radiation “virtual resizing”  to address heating imbalance, improve system efficacy and elimination of steam trap maintenance
  • Application of outdoor reset control systems that are based on cycle time, indoor feedback or steam pressure.  (Steam pressure reset is a new concept that Boiler Professionals has introduced to the industry which mirrors the operation of water temperature reset on high efficiency hot water systems)
  • Consulting services can be provided long distance with the assistance of staff on site for data collection.

Boiler Professionals has been going “Green with Steam” by providing clients substantial savings in fuel and maintenance costs long before “Green” became popular.  In these times of energy consciousness, steam heating is once again leading the way in efficiency and comfort, outperforming other alternatives for both homes and large structures.

We provide cost effective energy solutions to businesses interested in finding green alternatives. Let us plan and coordinate an answer for you. You can also click  this link  for futher information about our company.

Contact Boiler Professionalstoday at 888-450-2606 for consultation information or browse our website for more information regarding Hot Water Space Heating or Steam Space Heating.

Energy consulting - - Boiler Professionals - system - Energy Solutions at Affordable Prices

Energy consulting - - Boiler Professionals - system - Energy Solutions at Affordable Prices

Energy consulting - - Boiler Professionals - system - Energy Solutions at Affordable Prices

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