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Boiler Professionals, Inc.

Boiler Professionals, Inc. would like to introduce you to the new world of high efficiency steam heating.

Our Steam Space Heating Services Include:

  • Radiators
  • Efficiency upgrades for boilers
  • High efficiency steam boiler installations
  • Balancing overheated / underheated rooms
  • System efficiency upgrades

There are many poorly informed contractors that say steam heating is old and inefficient.  At Boiler Professionals, however, we know that steam heating is moving to the cutting edge of efficiency due to the enormous number of large buildings that use steam for heating and the increased demand for energy efficiency in these large buildings.

Boiler Professionals, along with a cadre of steam specialists throughout the country, has and continues to develop new techniques and revive others that are long lost that make steam heating an exceptional performer.  Some of these are simply special configurations of piping that can improve the efficiency and eliminate noise from a system.  Others include microprocessor outdoor reset boiler control systems and advanced burner designs, stage fired steam boilers and room by room thermostatic control (which require no wiring or batteries).   For those with standard two pipe steam, we can often provide rather simple retrofits to eliminate the need for radiator traps, saving thousand in maintenance costs.

These techniques and equipment, when properly applied to steam systems, can achieve exceptionally low fuel usage with excellent comfort.  In a recent upgrade of an existing boiler and system, fuel usage dropped 40%, heating became very even, and, to the amazement of the staff,  the fuel usage was about 30% less per square foot than the adjacent similar building that had been erroneously “upgraded” to 90% efficient hot air furnaces.  The furnaces are also using roughly 10 times or more electricity than the steam boiler, adding hundreds of dollars to the electric bills.   The large expense of the conversion was a complete waste and is now costing the owners thousands of dollars in additional fuel costs.   

Check our Energy consulting page for more information on Steam Heating, where we can provide system review or specifications for a local contractor to implement improvements to your.

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