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Boiler Professionals has the expertise to bring your current hot water heating system into the 21st century.  Or, if you are building new, we can design a new system for your home or commercial structure.  We have long used techniques such as outdoor reset, staged fired multiple boiler heating plants, and fully digital boiler control systems to help our clients get the most from their systems at the least cost.  We also know where not to use these techniques and where the pitfalls are so you can avoid issues that less knowledgeable general heating contractors may not understand.

Since we specialize only in steam or hot water heat and complete our own design and specifications, we often can “do the impossible” (according to other contractors), potentially saving you thousands of dollars on equipment replacements and energy costs.

We regularly mesh 100-year-old systems with new technology with exceptional results because we can “see” in the minds eye how different components and systems can work together.

Our Hot Water Space Heating Services Include:

  • Gas boilers
  • Radiators
  • Efficiency upgrades for boilers
  • Balancing overheated / underheated rooms
  • High efficiency hot water boilers

Here is an example of retrofit that shows some of our abilities.

The big green box on the right is the old 70-year-old oil converted to gas boiler. When the new homeowner first called us they were not able to get heat in most of the home and a few rooms were greatly overheated.  After tracing out the pipes and reviewing the equipment, we discovered that the installers had made several mistakes.   We completed the necessary adjustments and changes to get the heating system working as it was intended.  Later we can back and combustion tested the boiler, cleaned it up and made adjustments, boosting firing efficiency above most new boilers and cutting wasted heat.  Also, we found evidence that the water heater was sometimes venting into the home ... very unsafe.

Since this is a large old home and the bills were still pretty high, the owner then decided to replace the boiler with a high efficiency model (the new boiler is the white box hanging on the wall).  Also, we recommended a stainless steel water heater (on the right) that would use the heating power of the boiler to eliminate the venting problem of the old water heater. As a special bonus, since the heating system and old boiler originally ran without electricity we offered the option of leaving the old boiler in place and connected.  Should the power go out in a winter storm, or the new boiler have trouble, with the simple turn of a valve and a flip of a switch, the home will begin to heat off the old boiler.  We did make sure to carefully pipe the old boiler so heat from the new boiler would not wastefully heat the old boiler.

This was a wonderful example of taking the best of the old and blending in the new.

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