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Boiler Professionals, Inc.

Boiler Professionals, Inc. is recognized as a leading innovator for steam and hot water heating in the United States by contractors and equipment manufacturers alike.  An extensive background in historic techniques combined with the knowledge of up to date technology allows us to offer solutions that are not available elsewhere.   We have been the source for “Green” heating systems for nearly 2 decades.

Boiler Professionals, Inc. services include:

  • Steam Space Heating -  High efficiency steam boilers, controls, two pipe steam trap elimination upgrades, microprocessor boiler and system reset controls, new systems
  • Energy Consulting - Steam system balancing, virtual radiator resizing, efficiency upgrades, fuel and electrical usage analysis
  • Hot Water Space Heating - Modulating / condensing boilers, system and boiler control upgrades, high efficiency pumps for electrical savings, new systems

From onsite repairs and equipment replacement to consulting and system analysis, we serve Chicago, IL, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and surrounding states.   We help apartment and commercial building owners, coop and condo associations, and homeowners renovate and restore their steam and hot water heating systems.  Using high efficiency steam boilers and hot water boilers, advanced design and piping techniques, and microprocessor heating controls, we can provide some of the most efficient and comfortable heating systems available, typically cutting fuel costs at least 40%.

We have proved to be especially helpful to owners of steam systems, providing development and installation of upgrades that allow their systems to surpass the efficiency and comfort levels of nearly any other system available.  This provides a sensible and far more cost effective alternative to many ill advised conversions to hot water or forced air.

Owner Dave Bunnell is regarded as on of the top hot water and steam heating specialists in the country.   With nearly 20 years in the field, with extensive training in both architecture and engineering, he brings a broad knowledge and experience base to bear on client’s needs.  His recently published innovative techniques for balancing steam heating systems and steam boiler sizing are shaking up the industry as our country enters into a period of great demand for improved efficiency of our heating systems.

Contact Boiler Professionals today at 888-450-2606 to schedule an appointment.

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